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Training programs and e-books

The Marathon Method   visit website

Have you always wanted to run a marathon?

The Marathon Method is one of the most popular and trusted marathon training programs. Since its creation, hundreds of people have benefited from this step-by-step program that will guide you successfully to the finish line of your first marathon.

Any healthy person who has the desire and the time can complete a marathon. The Marathon Method breaks down each component of the marathon into easy-to-understand steps and a provides a week-by-week training schedule. The secret to the Marathon Method is that it covers topics that other marathon training programs neglect: the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of the marathon.

By focusing on the mind and the body, you will accomplish your marathon goal.

Marathon Training Program   visit website

The Break Your PR marathon program is an easy to follow and fully outlined 16 week training schedule. It explains every run, the secrets to avoiding injury, nutritional guidelines, and strength workouts to increase speed and stamina.

It will teach you that less is more, the need for quality over quantity - you need to train right, not a lot. Do it right and you will break your personal marathon record.

With this system you'll; get an easy to follow and fully outlined training schedule, learn how to avoid the most common marathon injuries, get a simple, straight forward workout that is easy to do and specially designed to increase your strength and stamina.

You will also get advice from experts on the mental side of running and how to make your mind and body go that extra mile plus nutrition advice on what you should and shouldn't eat to train and be in optimal form for the upcoming marathon - recipes included.

Marathon Training for Beginners   visit website

Marathon training for beginners is an easy to use marathon training schedule for complete beginners that want to learn how to successfully run a marathon in the shortest possible time.

Running a marathon isn't something you can approach lightly. You need a basic level of fitness before you can even begin your marathon training, without it you just won't be able to last the pace. Marathon training for beginners help you fully understand the basic principles of exercise progression and adaptation so that you will be able to constantly improve.

Most runners makes the mistake of not getting enough of important nutrients. With this safe and effective system you'll discover an easier way to eat a healthy diet which avoids the normal peaks and troughs of energy highs and lows throughout the day, and it also saves you time and money!

The 100 Day Marathon Plan   visit website

Olympic runner Marius Bakken introduces a faster, safer, and far easier training system, based on Kenyan and Italian training techniques. His world-class training methods can drastically slash your personal best times, decrease training injuries and eliminate burnout.

The 120 page manual includes 8 training programs that ranges from 60-150 days. The price also include 15 instructional videos, 10 bonus videos & 4 fitness calculators, as well as member-only access to the website forum for ongoing support and information.

With this complete training system you will be training correctly, slashing your risk of injury down to the bone, boosting your motivation and putting you on the starting line on race day - ready to roll.